Development Seminars

SUS is available to present custom seminars to your team on a variety of  beverage related topics –

  • Creating Profitable LTOs
  • Drink Making Techniques
  • Successful Bar Management

Booze Camp

Booze Camp is an all encompassing beverage educational class for beverage  professionals regardless of their occupation – restaurant manager, regional  director, COO, marketing director, supplier for national or regional accounts,  glassware, equipment, mix, beer and/or wine company. The goal of the  program is to assist those that have sales skills and the relationships, but may  be lacking in bar knowledge, language, application and/or execution.


This one day event allows for hands on training, demonstration, round table  discussions, how’s and why’s of bar design and set up, mixology training and implementation and a panel of Q&A with each of our industry experts.

Beverage Directorship

The Beverage Management Program will alleviate some of the confusion and some of the work load that is often put on marketing, training, culinary and purchasing when a restaurant group does not have a true designated beverage director.


We find it imperative for a restaurant group to know its opportunities in programming without having to bring on a full-time employee, but still have the access to beverage-minded and skilled employees at a much lesser cost.


Managing a beverage program is a large task for any one person to do successfully. For that reason, we at SUS have built a team of seasoned professionals specializing in operations, training, spirts, wine and finances to tackle these tasks from a very specific approach. Our team is designed to be your complete beverage management solution. We ensure that our clients are on the forefront of the ever changing and more demanding consumer trends.