Monica arrived at Straight Up Solutions because of her fantastic reputation as the buyer for Cheeseburger in Paradise where she started in 2002. Prior to that, she began her career at Outback Steakhouse and among several positions held there, she served as the new store opening trainer.


As Beverage Manager of the first Cheeseburger in Paradise (CiP) location, Monica met Bumby at a training seminar in Orlando with ShowTenders. As Monica developed her skills, she was quickly promoted to Corporate Beverage and Music coordinator as the company grew. Monica continued to expand her role as she assisted in opening and supporting several new locations.


In 2007, Monica was promoted to Director of Beverage & Training for CiP and was responsible for all front-of-house training and beverage-related communications, promotions and supplier relationships. During this time, she also spearheaded special projects aimed at improving efficiencies and productivity at the unit level. These projects included system wide efforts such as TV programming, music programming, negotiations and installations that saved OSI Restaurant Partners more than $1 million the first year alone.


In 2010, Monica was promoted to Vice President. With her in this role, Cheeseburger in Paradise proudly earned three Cheers Beverage Awards.  With such success in the beverage program, Monica was asked to develop the program for a new concept, Sterling’s Bistro. In addition to creating the program, Monica also wrote the training and coordinated the opening. The program was a huge success, with liquor mix in excess of 35%.


 Monica was lured over to Straight Up Solutions because no one can resist Bumby’s charm. Well, that… and because she brought a level of expertise on the buyer side to the organization that has helped Straight Up Solutions grow into the forefront of the third-party side of the industry.


Monica holds a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of St. Thomas. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, reading and boating. She also has an amazing little girl that lights up every day and a very active dog, who you can often find at the office with us.