Menu Development

SUS will review your current menu and analyze your p-mix, concept  fit of offerings and availability of current cocktail trends. We will  review spirit brands and make recommendations to best help you  create guest appeal, maximize profits and form lasting partnerships.

If you use Fintech (which we highly recommend) we will review your  purchases to help determine which products should be purchased by  the case to best minimize breakage fees.

We have helped to craft successful wine and specialty cocktails at  locations all over the country that result in an increased liquor mix  and reduced liquor cost.

Limited Time Offers / Programs

Straight up Solutions will work with your supplier partners to create a custom program, helping you achieve your beverage program goals.

 Your turn-key program will include:

  • Ideation (you choose from two concepts)

  • Project Management – website hosting (if necessary)

  • Drink Development

  • Photograpgy

  • POS Design

  • Training roll out guide

Menu Design & Production

Straight Up Solutions will assist in the on-going design and development of Beverage Menus and LTOs. SUS is partnered with JVR productions, Cleveland Menu and Davis Hobbs for the outsourcing of printing and creative needs.

15 years of experience in the market of design, printing and production.

Full Service advertising, production, and printing company specializing in menu formatting and reproduction with all the crew and equipment in house which allows us to deliver the highest quality work in record time.

  • State of the Art Facility

  • 3 Graphic Designers on Staff

  • Online approval system with real time proof review prior to print.


  • Large Format Printing

  • 3D Animation