Stix first met Bumby on May 16, 1997, when he was opening Bahama Breeze and ShowTenders came in for the training. This day still lives clearly in Stix’s memory because it was also Bumby who gave him the nickname Stix. Not just for his famous chicken legs, but also for his less-than-PGA-Tour golf abilities.


Stix has been a prominent figure in the Central Florida restaurant and bar scene over the last 20 years. Stix’s passion for the industry and thirst for knowledge led him to Straight Up Solutions as the vehicle to continue to progress both personally and professionally. The talent that Stix brings to the Straight Up Solutions team is beyond his charming demeanor and engaging enthusiasm. Stix was instrumental in opening such award-winning restaurants as the original Bahama Breeze in Orlando as well as the high-end urban bistro, Hue.


Stix first won acclaim in the industry as the head bartender for Bahama Breeze where he perfected his abilities in “flair” performance bartending, which culminated in being ranked 8th in the country. He cultivated his mixology and sommelier talents when he was asked to consult in the bar development for Hue in 2001. He helped create the specialized drink menu as well as the wine list which was an integral part of the restaurant’s record-breaking debut.


Stix continued to be innovative in mixology and bartending as his career blossomed over the following decade. He was named Bartender of the Year 2 years in a row by the Orlando Business Journal as well as being featured in numerous hospitality magazines. The name “Stix” has endured in the Central Florida bartending community with a very loyal following.


Stix brought his talent to Straight Up Solutions in 2010. Since then, Stix has been a favorite go-to mixologist of both the supplier and buyer sides of the national accounts arena as his work ethic, personality and humor only add to his skillful work behind the stick.